Wednesday, January 12, 2011

His mother CLEARLY threw him against the wall.

Today I was walking in the frigid cold air. I was looking pretty cutesy if I do say so myself. I was feeling good, I had gone swimming, I had made a new friend in the pool, AND I had a record amount of sleep, which was about 6.25 hours. Which, for me, is just as exciting as the new season of Pretty Little Liars. I know--I confessed it--I am obsessed with the show. Ok, not really. I mean, we (yes my roomies have a soft spot for the show as well). And when I say obsessed, I mean in the least way possible. Not in the creepy, stalker way that you know every actors birthdays and their zodiac not at all. I mean it in the we may or may not emit high pitched screams of joy when a new episode is up on Hulu. And I enjoy this show probably because it is so far from the truth that it is fun to laugh about how ridiculous the girls on the show can be. And maybe, just maybe, it is just one of those guilty pleasures that we all have. Apparently they are all about 16 years old--which is the biggest lie I have ever heard. I am pretty sure they are all in college, and it shows. But, W.

And I was so mad because ONE of my roomies (they shall not be named. *cough cough* Cecilly) bailed out on the swimming. She made a verbal contract with me last night! And I have it all on tape, so don't try to get out of it. Kidding. But not really. But, she did say I could beat her up later. I will have to take her up on that offer. Good thing we are all sharing a room. Which, I think is the most ridiculous thing--ever. In a good way. I thought that we would have a problem getting to bed because it is literally a big sleepover, but it's not been bad. Probably because one of the roomies has been MIA, which is probably due to school. We think. I have found I am the one that goes to bed the earliest. Fancy that, if you consider 11:45 pm early. Which, in college, that's like a 6 o'clock bed-time. F, I am OLD.

Anyways, I spotted one of my friends, the one that I mostly go swimming with. I shall call him, the one that was thrown against the wall as a child. Or Otwtawc (which, that my friends is an acronym). This lovely nickname was acquired when we were discussing this individual (via text) with one of my roomies. She texted, "His mother clearly threw him against the wall". I got that text when I was in class--I literally was on the floor laughing. I was supressing my laughter causing me to guffaw--which is just is not a pleasant thing. Guffaw--doesn't it just sound--lame?!?! That word kind of reminds me of some farmer, "Hester, you gosh darn made me GUFFAW." Hmmm...It's just a strange word. Well, it was exactly what I was doing in my class. While we were trying to have a serious conversation about something. I will let you know if I figure it out. I only mention this because Otwtawc(aka Ot) is one of the besties. I spend a considerable amount of time with them, and they absolutely REFUSE to be mentioned by name, so they get that lil' gem.

I literally left 15 minutes before one of my classes started. I thought I would be fine...until I got stuck behind some MAJOR road-blockage, and I don't mean with cars. I mean bodies. About 6 of them. It was a freaking WALL. They were going just fast enough to stay in front of everybody. And they were blocking the whole side-walk. Fat Fat Fat. I would try pass on the inside, the outside, these people had no idea that they were hindering about 30 people behind them. And it wasn't that the 30 people enjoyed being behind those other people in their dumb little UGGS and their sweats (they were all Freshman--well, I assume so) trying a little too hard at appear that they weren't trying at all.

But their little road block induced freaking road/walking-on-campus-rage. Well, maybe it was a good thing I wasn't driving. I would have done some illegal something. And I would have probably given them the finger (ok, not really, but I think my rebel self would like to dream that I would)...but its BYU campus we are talking about that. I think the mere mention/thought of that outrageous act may get me in with the Honor Code office--let's hope. NOT. Seeing as I have already had a little run-in with the Honor Code office. And you can't even call it a run-in, it's more of a "the Honor Code saw me and barely slapped me on the wrist". I had left the library about 10 seconds after it had closed. YES. TEN SECONDS. Shows you how hardcore we follow the rules here. (Or don't.)

This post has been drastically different than a lot of others...this may have been a result of my listenings to MUSE. Which is definitely an acquired taste. But this video is for those not familiar with MUSE. It's one of their softer ones and appeals to many, enjoy.

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