Monday, January 3, 2011

O I love thee....

Emoticon, T9, Buzz Buzz. These were the noises/words I have been faced with lately. I woke to these sounds at least four times for the past four nights.

I HATE TECHNOLOGY. It takes away my sleep, it takes my siblings away from me, it connects them with other people. Maybe I am selfish. I will admit to that fact. But really I hate what it is doing to today's society. I never thought I would become of the age where I would look down upon the "youth" of society and shake my head at what they do with the things they have at their disposal, and that is exactly what I am doing right now.

I don't know what it is about texting, if it is because I am not like that with my friends, or that I don't have that "special" someone, but I seriously don't know what is wrong with the younger generations. Whilst sitting in the car, on our 12-hour drive to California, I was dismayed at the amount of time that was spent listening to ipods, texting on phones, and playing on the i-touch, leaving about 10% left to actual interaction time. Which, for me was very scarce because I was sleeping. But co'mon people. Get with it.

I am so FED UP with the constant need of phones, and internet. I saw how my siblings became so engrossed with whoever they were texting, I couldn't even have a normal conversation with them. It was so frustrating. I felt like some old person that had no idea what was going on--and maybe I just haven't gotten the update, or the tweet, or the status update, but what is wrong with having social interaction? I wanted to scream in exasperation. Could the text that they were hiding from all of us under the dinner table wait until after dinner? Could the "sneaky 'I am checking the time on my phone but really I am texting'" wait? (We all know that you are texting--you don't have to hide it from anyone.) Could you stop checking your phone every ten seconds?

Maybe there is something wrong with me that no one wanted to talk with me, but every single second, someone whipped out their phone, it was as if no one likes silence. No one can sit down and wait for a conversation to start. it has to be INSTANT INSTANT INSTANT. Ugh. I am sorry I can't be instant entertainment. I can't be amusing you when you want me to. Let's just let the technology do that for you. Who needs people that are right in front of you?

Another thing that really irks me is when people are making plans via texting. Let me tell you, it is the most ineffective way to plan things. Sure, I am all for mass-texting people so that they can know what you are planning and who is in and who's out, but when it comes to planning something that you know is going down, BUCK UP AND DIAL THE FRIGGIN NUMBER. Point and case: my brother made plans with one of his friends to hang out, and he did this entirely via texting. You want to know how long this took???? ONE HOUR. Do you know how long it would have taken him if he called. At most, ONE MINUTE.

Bitter much? Yes, yes. I am.

*Buzz Buzz*
O wait, let me take that…*click click click*

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