Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laughing like a Loser


I just have to laugh. Campus is one of the funniest places that I have ever been. And I hate to say it, but people really DO judge you on your appearance. The last two days (that I have actually been TRYING to get ready, aka look like a normal person, people have noticed. Well, complete strangers, but that's cool too, right? Or maybe I've been more confident because I resemble something close to a human being.

Yesterday, I was walking to a class, when a guy (who I have NO idea was) said, "O hey! How are you doing?"
I was so caught off guard that I nearly fell in the road and smiled awkwardly before scuttling away.

I was in the library last night, when I was leaving (after a 6 hour period of awesomeness--I was working on my new love--InDesign) and the guy that was studying across from me looked up and said, "Hope you have a good one." (Like I knew him or something)

Today, (in the library again) I had a conversation out of the blue in periodicals. (Because the guy said he liked my SCARF...really? really?)

Maybe it's because it's a new year and people are trying to be friendly or whatnot, but it really catches me off-gaurd, and I like it. It makes me laugh too--because starting conversations with people you don't know are always weird. But make for funny stories later.

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