Friday, January 14, 2011

The I-Clicker Conundrum

This has been a hecka looong week for sure. Filled with awkward moments at nerd apartments, falling backwards into the snow on campus, getting stuck in the snow, watching Condy Rice, exercising for fun, Arby's runs at 11, getting up at 6 am three times, 9 hour days on campus. . .

Generally, I have kind of been disappointed by people in general. And myself. I've been super flakey this week. Almost as flakey as a buttery croissant. But, no fear. That's what makes people, well, people.

And I like to think that I am Ms. Perfect, but I am so far from that.

I kind of got jolted into remembering that I expect soo much from people. There is such a fine line between expecting too much and letting people just get away with things. And I can't find that line. It is escaping from me. I think I find it and then. . .it's gone. That nasty lil' bugger.

I was impressed though, by how old friends can come through. This was all attributed to my little friend Adam. For the past week and a half we have discovered that we are in the same general area during class. I have refused to a buy an I-clicker for my last semester of college. (They run for a tidy little sum of $48, hecka no. I am NOT going to spend that much on a stupid little thing.) So, my good friend OT, has kindly let me use his. This is where it gets complicated, I have to wait outside the JSB waiting to hand it to him because the class he heads to next (which is in the Benson) is where he needs the clicker. I stand outside usually, looking like an idiot for about five or so minutes. When I hand it off to OT, it totally looks like some sketchy drug deal or something. I think one day I am going to put a little packet of sugar on the clicker so it looks like it IS drugs. Ahahah. My friend Adam always comes by and sees me waiting, he also waits with me. He has a class at 10, he has faithfully waited for me each day. This small act of friendship really makes my day. I am sure he doesn't even know it, but those 10 minutes I am with him are sometimes highlights of my day.

Friends like him instill hope in me.

I am not in the least bit bitter about things that have happened this week. I am learning through this. But at the same time, makes me realize that friends can't always be there for you. I can't be selfish to think that they can. But really, I love my friends, through the thick and thin. And I hope that they won't be as critical to me.


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