Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

This semester has started off quite--weirdly. I came back to my apartment on Monday, the day before classes started. Which is very different of me because I usually am one of the first people back and ready for school to start. I just wanted to stay at home and lounge about.

Recently, I have been thinking about different types of friendships. In high school, I had a really good friend who I was inseparable from. Then things just kind of changed. I stared thinking about where I wanted to go to college, and potentially graduate in my Jr. year. I had high hopes, but my friend was always lounging about and didn't really care about where she would go to school, thinking that she would just go to UVU (or UVSC as it was known back in the day). It was hard to be around her because her goals were so different. And I realized that good friends should be there to bring you up, to make you a better person.

This instance got me thinking about friendship. Sometimes friendships are like broken toys. As a child, I loved a stuffed frog--I carried it with me everywhere. But, it began to get old because of the heavy use that it endured. It's eyes fell out, the stuffing began to fall out. My mom would sew the eyes back on and patch up the holes on it. It lasted quite a while and I was content with how my frog was holding up. Then, I dropped my beloved little frog when we were going to California. It was mutilated, it got ran over, but it was still "alive". As much as my mom washed my little frog and as much as we patched it up--it was gone. But try as I might, the frog was done. Gone-zo.

This is how friendship is. Sometimes it's just broken. You have done everything you can to fix it, but there's nothing you can do to fix it. You will never forget the fun times you had, the memories that you shared, but it is time to throw the toy in the trash, but keep the memory in your heart.

And as I showed, I will never forget my little frog. Even though it is not physically here, I will remember the lessons that I learned from it. Who knew that I could learn something from a stuffed animal?

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