Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out of the Comfort Zone.

Staying busy: that's my goal of the rest of my semester. I don't want to sit at home and regret things that could have been, I am done with that.

This has led to some poor decisions though, from spontanous repelling trips with friends, wanting to hike the Y (in the middle of winter). But it's been so invigorating.

Well, and here's the thing, Cecilly and I are doing this challenge: well, it's kind of unspoken.

We do something that we fear we will get rejected at/or just plain humiliated. We started yesterday. Here's what we did:

CLUBBING. Yes we went to a club, we even put on an extra amount of make-up and tried to "slutify" ourselves. Which, considering our honor-code appropriate wardrobes, was not even an option. Honestly, though. It was so fun.

I think it was because I realized that there is no way that I could live a life like that. Going out on Friday nights and wanting to "pick up" guys and go drink. It's just not feasible.

Some guys wanted to buy us drinks. Thinking that we were the normal club-goers. We looked at them and laughed. Couldn't they tell that we were different? That this was just something that we thought was silly? It was also very sobering because it made me realize how good I have life. I don't have to rely on drinks to make me happy, I don't have to go to other people to be happy, I have something so much more important, and that's the gospel. This was further shown to me when after the club, we went to a friends house and played Catch Phrase. Good clean fun.

Who needs the bar when you've got friends to play Werewolves?

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