Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Break-time with a Blueberry Muffins...

Wow, the last couple days have been...productive. Go go go.
I am loving it. There's nothing better than sitting down after a long day and being proud of yourself for accomplishing things.
Right now, I am taking a break from all my running around and I am blogging--whilst enjoying a blueberry muffin that I made from scratch, mmmm GOOD.

I really am a check-list kind of person. If I don't make a check-list, I don't get anything done.

Today, I was working on some paperwork for my dad (who is an attorney) and I was really struck by how good I have life. I am so fortunate to have two parents that love and care for me, I have great friends, I am living the life. This re-charged me to finish the rest of the things that I have been planning to do.

Daily scripp study--check.
Working out--check.
LSAT study--check, check.
Christmas cards--check-a-roo.
Sewing project--almost done, just have to do the casing and the hem.
practice piano--check.
revise resume-check.

Have time to terrorize the sibs, watch the Spongebob Christmas special, AND make blueberry muffins...check, check, check. :) This break is treating me well.

Let's see what magical treat I can come up with tomorrow...

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