Saturday, December 4, 2010


I wuv my friends.
I once again have discovered the meaning of friendship. This week, I learned, again, what it means to BE a friend. Not only to HAVE friends. Lately, I have been expecting people to be MY friend, to do things for me. And, what does friendship mean to me??

Friendship means that your roomies will give up their internet cords for you. Friendship means that you stay up until 2:30 eating tots. Friendship means that you will watch Thumbalina. Frienship means you will run to Macey's to go get a box of mac and cheese. Friendship means changing a country song because you know your roomie hates country. Friendship means calling someone at 6 am to make sure they wake up for a test.Friendship means you can tell someone that when they pull the bathroom curtain back, it annoys you. Freindship means 1 am Wal-mart runs. Friendship means helping your roomie find their diet mountain dew. Friendships means calling someone after a bad test and consoling them. Friendship means not judging when your whole apartment is filled with crap food.

Friendship means a lot of things...
and life is all about discovering what friendship means to you.

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  1. This touches my li'l soul. Everything about it makes me giggle. And I am here next to you giggling. tee hee. Wub you!