Thursday, December 23, 2010

Throwing a tantrum in Temple Square...

Today I got the wonderful opportunity to really get into the Christmas spirit. My mom bought tickets to "Savior of the World". Despite getting up at 11, and quite literally running around the whole day, I got to finally relax when we got to Salt Lake. I had never seen the lights with my family and since we had gotten to SL two hours before the performance started, we all figured that we could kill time.

Little did I know how much I would want to kill, and not time. I guess that I haven't really gone on a real family outing in a long time. I have always either been with Elan or my mom, but I don't really psned time with my dad or my younger siblings (which is sad). And I realized how different everybody's personalities are. We spent about fifteeen minutes arguing about what we would do and how we would do it. Nobody was cooperating and my impatience began to rear its ugly head. I really wanted my family to see the different nativity scenes (which in my opinion is the best part of Temple Square), but my family had different ideas; they wanted to grab some hot chocolate and cookies.

After arguing about whether or not we wanted cookies or rolls, we discovered it was almost about time to go the Conference Center. I literally had a mini-tantrum about what we were doing. I just wanted to DO SOMETHING, I didn't want to be sitting around.

We finally got to the Conference Center, and immediately, all my worries just melted away. All my stress about not getting the rolls that I wanted, and being annoyed with everyone in my family went away. I was able to focus on why we celebrate CHRISTmas. "Savior of the World" really just gave me the bigger picture of everything. (And it helped that in my scripp study that I have read the accounts of the four apostles of the Chirstmas story.

One of the lines from the performance that really stood out to me was when Christ had resurrected and came back to the Apostles and Mary Magdeline, one of the Apostles exclaimed, "We had thought everything had ended, but, in reality, it has only just begun". This really made me think about how we may think that everything in our world is crashing down. As in, I am graduating from college, I have NO job prospects, I have no idea if I am smart enough for law school, should I even do law school, should I go on a mission...My easy life that I have known in college is about to end, I am afraid to go forward, afraid to fail. I need to realize that if I have the Lord on my side, it can be the most awesome, amazing, greatest time of my life.

After this play, I realized that even though my family is beyond control, even though they don't do things by the book, they are MY family, quirks and all. They are there whenever I have needed them, even though they make me want to kill myself, and pull my hair out, they are MY family. So, as I sit here in my onesie, listening to my brother pound the piano (for about three hours and counting) and my other brother has the t.v. on full blast, and my mom is cleaning something she cleaned only hours ago, and my dad is taking pictures of everything, and my lil' sis is debating which shoes to wear, I couldn't ask for a better family, and that's what the holiday season is all about: family.

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