Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flavor of the Week...

Yesterday, one of my friends said something that stood out to me:

"Am I your friend of the week? You are one of those 'flavor of the week' kind of people. You see someone with a red shirt and say 'I have to be their friend, I am feeling like it's going to be a red-shirt kind of friendship week'".

Ouch. Maybe it's true.
What if people were really 'flavors'?

What flavor would I be?

I think I would be a raspberry-cheesecake,'s a basic flavor, but I would be just a little over-the-top with the raspberry seeds and the big chunks of (and you have to eat it right out of the freezer, or it just doesn't get that yummy taste).

What would my friends be?

Cecilly would be a bubbly-gum flavor with chunks of bubble-gum in it. She gives you something to think about later, as in, I totally save the bubble-gum in the ice cream for later (even if it melts!), but its still fun at the same time because its bubble-gum ice-cream!

Whitney would be a classic milk chocolate ice-cream with a swirl of marshmellow cream, she's classy and is always a friend, but she has that streak of fun, and of course, she would be fat-free, because Whitney is always on-the-go!

Ames would be a peach flavored ice-cream (with real peaches). If you get the right bite of frozen peach, it's really yummy, but if you get a sour peach, it ruins the whole thing.

My good guy friend would be pistacio ice-cream , not everybody loves it, and sometimes it's hard to come-by. But those who find it yummy, really like it. But they have to be careful because if they eat too much, they get sick.

Sometimes these flavors don't necessarily compliment each other, but they are still good.

It's about thirty degrees outside.

I want to go to Cold Stone and order a banana split with a scoop of each: bubble-gum, chocolate (with marshmellow), peach, and pistacio ice-cream. I'd like that with a large helping of whip cream, nuts and a cherry on top.

Please and thank-you.

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  1. I know this SHOULD make me hungry, but I'm done for after the home-made Oreo cookies. I declare we celebrate the end of finals (or near end) on Thursday during our long festival. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly DOES our festival entail? Lights, apartment Christmas! (I got everyone's presents today! Just need to pretty them up now!), and...? ice cream?

    And going back to the first part, "it's going to be a red-shirt kind of friendship week." No idea who said this, but I think he/she is brilliant. Initially I think it would have to be a boy, because I don't see many girls being so out-there. But it seems too insightful for a boy to say. So I settle on a girl. A really awesome girl.

    I want to dwell on that.... it's going to be a red-shirt kind of friendship week.... I see nothing wrong with that. One week you want a deep-discussion friendship week, maybe another you're yearning for adventure. Granted, we all want to find someone or several someones who fulfill all our weekly flavors, but we have to realize that someone can't be raspberry cheesecake, bubble-gum, milk chocolate with mallow swirls, peach, and pistacio all in one.
    That's gross.
    And who would want that stomachache? So rather, let's let people be their flavor and we'll select them in moderation mixing here & there.
    And yes... on those crazy days throw them all in together, but don't take the disgusting mix and blame it on one flavor--it's only the COMBINATION which weakens the taste: individually they all hold their own.

    Just sayin'.

    Maybe YOU should be the bubbly gum.