Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candy DOES make you smart

I was in the library today studying my brains usual. Except for I wish that it would actually STICK in my brain, but W, I am DONE with finals, donezo. I am happy. This semester was a good one, really sad beacause it is my second to last one...but I think reality is setting in, school is going to be over. I am going to start a new chapter in life. ROCK ON!

Whilst I was studying in the library, my friend gave me a chocolate--being the fat kind I am, I was instantly happy. But wait, there's more my friend! It was a Dove chocolate, and the wrapper said, "What if 'the season to be jolly' lasted all year long?", and that made me think...what if us being jolly was all year?

Think of how the world would change. Think of how HAPPY everyone would be. And I think, that this goes to show that I should be that change. I should be the one to be "jolly" all year-long. How would that change my life? How would that change other people's lives? How would I be making an impact?

I want to find this out. My motto for this year: "My life: the season of jolly".

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